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Deep In The Heart

by DAVID F HAMILL - Rockhopper Media

This is a film that holds your heart in its hand. It’s funny and sad, tender and gritty and lays bare the way we all like to pretend tomorrow never comes.

Cello performed by Sonia Cano Martínez

Directed by Randall Wright


WWII's Great Escapes : THE FREEDOM TRAILS with Monty Halls - c4 - Seadog Productions

Over four episodes, Former marine Monty Halls retraces extraordinary journeys as he treks the Freedom Trails of WWII, discovering what it took to escape Nazi Europe and meeting the ordinary men and women who became heroes in the process.

Tens of thousands of men and women staked their lives following these little-known routes through unknown, enemy territory and out of Nazi occupied Europe. The Freedom Trails led to safety, but many were extremely perilous. To find and complete them required the help of the local resistance, who risked their own lives to save others.

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'Fearless Chef'

by David Hamill

A unique TV project broadcast on National Geographic and C4 allowing me to record musicians in 10 countries and compile the recordings into the score for each episode. Below are my favourite examples.


'Tales from the Bush Larder'

by David Hamill

Your upbeat and worldly soundtrack to the tastes of Africa.

Music from 3 series of the delightfully bright and varied food show by chef Kiran Jethwa.

Broadcast worldwide on National Geographic.

ETA Downtown Cairo music by david hamill.png

CNN ~ Egyption Commercial Compositions

by David Francis Hamill

A short selection of broadcast music written for CNN.

The examples are edited in 30sec snippets going from light instrumentation to full orchestral.

ads dir. Adam Woods



2011 - present

Leading Kenyan Commercials Production Company

Brands: KQ Kenya Airlines, Tuskar beer, Safaricom, Dettol, KCB Bank, Avena, Kenyan Government (Road Safety), Phillips, Jubilee Insurance, Presidential Commercials. 





2006 - 2014

London Music Creation company working with some of the worlds biggest brands and adverts

Brands:, BP Olympics 2012, Hyundai, British Airways, Sunday Times, Stella Artois, American Express, Carlsberg, HSBC, Omo, Talk Talk, Ford, Lexus, Pizza Hut, Clarks




2007 - 2012

A UK based music supplier for powerful marketing and top end music production

Brands: Google, Audi A7, Airwick, Lynx, Audi A10, Sky HD, BBC Ident (Capes)


The works music

2008 - 2012

A UK based top line music production company dealing with top brands and ad campaigns 

Brands: FIFA 2010 World Cup title music, Fire Safety UK, Weetabix, Oaty Bars, Santander



original score

broadcast Net Geo 2014


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